- It is tantalizingly easy to learn. It is much easier to learn than either tennis or golf. It is definitely less strenuous than tennis and more social than golf. Most people learn to bowl only after a few lessons. However, the game’s high-level consistency is somewhat more difficult to master as our tournament players could attest. This stimulating challenge provides our game with attractive inducement, satisfying excitement and constant motivation to improve. Do not you want to face a challenge with a high probability of success?


- It is healthy. The American Heart Association considers lawn bowling a beneficial exercise. Secure Horizons recommends it in its brochures. It is a systematic exercise that combines periodic walking in the fresh air for 2 to 3 hours in a lovely park with rhythmic arm and body movements. Do you want to learn a game that also qualifies as an exercise?

- It is economical. It is remarkably easy on your budget. Our annual dues are currently $95 (which is about $8 per month) with a one time 'initiation fee of only $5. You can buy a new set of bowls for over $200, but most members acquire a pre-owned set of bowls in excellent condition for as little as $50. We provide both equipment and lessons FREE, until you have learned the game. Have you heard of a better deal lately?


- It is very social. Each day – before the games – our members meet for a light snack, coffee and cookies (also free), and camaraderie on our patio. We believe that our vigorous club activities enhance the social life of our members. Every 3rd Tuesday of the month we organize a monthly birthday party with cake, coffee and ice cream. We also promote special event parties for younger bowlers and for other occasions.

The astounding devotion to lawn bowling by most of our active members seems to prove that this game has a great deal to offer. Most of them bowl three times per week, but it is up to you how often you want to play at HolmbyPark.              

Their long term loyalty to our club indicates that they appreciate the social aspect and camaraderie as much as the game of bowls itself. Is there any reason why YOU should not try it?

- It is challenging and rewarding. There are lots of tournaments available for the more competitive mindedbowlers. On the average, you can enter at least one tournament per month at the club level, most of them during the week. The winners name is engraved on our permanent trophies that are displayed in three trophy cabinets.


There are also Southwest Division tournaments for our more talented bowlers, practically on every weekend in one of the many friendly clubs in the Southland. One Day tournaments are organized at Holmby Park, also during the weekends so that our younger bowlers, still in the workforce, can also participate.

But if you are one of those recreational bowlers who want to learn and bowl just for the fun of it, our club is the right place for you!

To make an appointment please email to Linda or Cecil at cbatorjr@aol.com, or at cecil2linda@ca.rr.com or call Philip Fox at 310.273.7776.