Participants at the Joslyn Mixed Triples tournament at Holmby Park in August 2015

Our bowlers during lunch break between matches at the Oxnard club

Visiting the Oxnard LBC in May 2015

During the 2014-15 Winter League, our Holmby team of Cecil, Rudy, Catherine, Corey and Olivia beat all other teams and was declared Winner of the SWD Silver Division.

Instructor demonstrating correct bowling technique at Holmby Park

Trophies and other awards ready to be presented at the Banquet

Annual Award Banquet in December 2014

Proper delivery of a bowl

Monthly One Day tournament at Holmby Park in June 2013

The Presidents Cup tournament: Holmby Park against Santa Monica LBC in 2013

 Holmby bowlers visiting the Santa Barbara LBC in 2012


Birthday party for young bowlers in July 2012

Monthly birthday party for our members in January 2012

Typical afternoon bowling at Holmby Park

Annual All White bowling party at Holmby Park in June 2011