Our fortunate Holmby Park Lawn Bowling Club is situated in one of the most gorgeous parks in Los Angeles, right next to the Los Angeles Country Club, at 646 Comstock Avenue, CA. 90024. Parking is free and easy. A map is provided in the Menu.

We are a diverse club open to all who can pass our simple lawn bowling test. Our 130 members come from 17 different countries and reside in a 20 mile wide circle around Holmby Park. Our youngest members are in their twenties, others in their fifties, while many others are retired. We firmly believe that regular bowling in the park, fresh air, walking up an down on the playing field in this beautiful park are all contributing to keeping our members happier, more active and perhaps even younger.

Club activities are planned and organized by a seven member Board of Directors.


Our bowling and social calendar is always busy. We regularly visit other clubs to enjoy bowling and camaraderie with other bowlers.

Occasionally, bowlers from other countries visit our club, like this representative group from England.

We have two greens (playing fields) and we can accommodate 96 bowlers playing triples (three member teams) at the same time. This photo below shows our upper green during a competition.


Many generations have enjoyed bowling in this lovely park since 1927. In September 2002, we celebrated our 75th Diamond Jubilee when the City of Los Angeles rededicated our facilities in the park to HPLBC.

Tournaments are organized during the year and awards are presented to the winners and runners up at the Annual Awards Banquet in early December.


On many Saturdays, ‘One Day tournaments’ are planned for the involvement of our weekend only players. Entries are also accepted from prospective bowlers as well as from our regular members. At these tournaments, trophies are presented to the three best bowlers of the day, at the conclusion of these One Day tournaments.

The social aspects of our club life may be just as important as the bowling. We have a scheduled birthday party every month (third Tuesday of the month) with a large cake, ice cream, singing and fun bowling games. We also celebrate special days, like Saint Patrick’s Day,

…or Halloween…

Once a month is designated ‘Ladies Day’ when our lady members bowl at one of the 28 other clubs within driving distance.

You are invited to learn how to bowl. We provide free lessons with free use of all equipment needed. On all our club days, free snacks and light refreshments are offered to our members, guests and visitors. For further details, please visit our “How to contact us”, or “You Are Invited!” sites listed on the Menu.