CALENDAR of planned events for 2018

                                       (Subject to change)


16   Birthday Party

18   Deadline for paying dues for 2018

23   Closing day for members inclusion in the Roster 2018

27   Board meeting



3   Allison Singles tournament starts

10   Open House for “Brits in LA”

17   Board meeting

20   Birthday Party                                               

24   Open House for Holmby-Westwood POA residents  

28   Wednesday Twilight bowling starts



10 Visitation at Holmby: Hermosa Beach

13   Naylon Pairs tournament starts            

17   Board meeting                                 

20   Birthday Party

24   Visitation at Holmby: The Groves and Friendly Valley LBC

31   Visitation at Holmby: Oxnard LBC



7   Open House for residents of Park La Brea

14   Osher/UCLA group: ‘Four-Saturdays lessons’ starts                                                                                                                 

17   Birthday Party

21   Bus trip to Laguna Woods LBC

24   Hasty Pairs tournament starts            

28   Board meeting





5 Open House for Australian, NZ and South African ex-pats

15   Birthday Party                                    

17   Cella 444 tournament starts

19   Board meeting

26   One Day tournament



2   Visitation: carpooling to The Groves LBC

9   Open House for Canadian and British ex-pats

16  Visitation: carpooling to Hermosa Beach LBC

19   Birthday Party

26  Bridwell Singles tournament starts

30   Visitation: carpooling to Oxnard LBC



4 July 4th Party at Holmby (starts at 4 PM)

10     Veteran-Novice Pairs tournament starts

17   Birthday Party

21   Board meeting

28  Bus trip to Santa Barbara/MacKenzie LBC



4   Visitation at Holmby: Santa Monica LBC

11    Visitation: carpooling to Coronado LBC (overnight stay)

12   Visitation: carpooling to San Diego LBC

18   Board meeting

21   Birthday Party        

25   Open House. Still TBD                      

28  Cella 66 Pairs starts





1       One Day tournament

13  Round Robin Karoon Mixed Pairs tournament starts

18   Birthday Party

15  Board meeting                              

22   Joslyn Mixed Triples tournament



6   2nd Osher/UCLA group: ‘Four Saturdays lessons’ starts

13   One Day Tournament

16   Birthday Party

17   Ladies Day at Holmby

20   Board meeting

27   last day of the Karoon Mixed Pairs tournament



3   One Day tournament                                      

17     Annual General Meeting

17  Special Board meeting

20   Thanksgiving: Turkey Shoot competition                                                                    



8     Annual Award Banquet   (at the Mountain-Gate CC)

15   Board meeting

18 Birthday Party –Spiders’ & Poinsettias prizes